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Nurse Pollinators provide the missing links for making it happen. Based your great ideas, goals, and needs, you can start by taking the next easy step. What kind of pollinator activities make the most sense for you right now?


Morning & Evening Networking


Get Your Idea Incubated

Pollinator Incubator Program


Morning and Evening Events

Events are a fun and free way that everyone can begin sharing ideas, experiences, goals and exploring new possibilities to improve healthcare. Come and meet the key players who will open your mind and make you rethink how to innovate healthcare.

We challenge you to free yourself from the old models of thinking and design. We invite you to explore new and bold possibilities to approach problems and solutions in healthcare…or simply just listen in.


If you would like to be added to our private guest list, please sign up here, so we can send you an invitation (link) and please indicate whether you prefer morning or evenings. We look forward to meeting you. Let the game-changing begin!


Let everyone discover what you do and how you do it. Learn how others’ expertise and experiences can help make a more a-broad approach for better healthcare solutions.

These discussions are led by people who have professional expertise, experience and passion in specific healthcare topics.

We all can benefit from the teachings and experiences of those who have actually been there and done that.



THE POLLINATOR INCUBATOR PROGRAM is a global community of like-minded people who are set to radically empower, support and finance healthcare innovators.


In this program, you will work with people who share your passion for improving healthcare through compassion and dedicated work.


Our application process is simple and straightforward:

  1. Answer 8 key questions about your product, services or idea.
  2. Submit a 2-minute video about yourself and your idea.
  3. Each semi-finalist will be attend a pollinators retreat.
  4. The finalists will receive one-year of coaching, support and funding.



More details coming soon!


Applications are closed for now.

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